Gold Source Jewellery Ltd

For over 20 years, we, at Gold source Jewellery has taken on the role of a designer, manufacturer and exporter of fine jewellery. Throughout the years, we have mastered the art of creating each sketch into products that becomes a timeless treasure filled with detailed composition and sophisticated craftsmanship. We offer the widest selections in the trade with the most charismatic styles that are adored by many.

We are recognized for innovative designs, and use state of the art production methods to incarnate both the contemporary and classic styles. Our wide range of collections and deep product lines make us an attractive choice for all jewellery occasions.

Our Wedding Sets encompass with joy and love, creating memorable statements for everlasting love. Yet, our Fashion Jewellery are perfectly crafted with exquisite taste and interplay of contrasts: creating an impeccable balance between beauty and creativity. The alluring beauty and unconventional glamour makes our products highly preferred!

Our business reach is worldwide with our sales team reaching all the major corners of the world, and have become one of the major product producers in semi-mounting and wedding sets.

With our competitive pricings and exceptional professional services we are confident to exceed your expectations!